I've never bought a pair of heels in my size! How do I know what size I should order?

Never fear, ladies. 


Pull out that measuring tape and measure your foot in centimeters! Put your ruler or measuring tape flat on the floor, line your heel up with a wall, put your weight on your foot as usual, and where the tip of your big toe falls is your measurement. Add about a CM for wiggle room and order the size that best corresponds. Shoot us an email if you're looking for a smaller size, a wide or narrow, or something else, and you 2's and 7's, don't worry! You'll be seeing those soon!


Charlie Boot and Drew Wedge
3 22cm
4 22.8cm
5 23.7cm
6 24.5cm


Alex and Kennedy Pumps

3 21.5cm   
5 23.2cm
6 24cm